Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do you use titanium alloy to build your stabilizers?


A: Simply put, because it's CLEARLY SUPERIOR in all respects to carbon fiber. Titanium alloy delivers unparalleled vibration and bow control and in many cases will quiet your bow noticeably in comparison to a carbon fiber stabilizer. Yes, Titanium Alloy costs us more to build with than carbon fiber but our company philosophy is PERFORMANCE first and we will not compromise on materials!!

Q: What's the difference between the Suppressor Elite™ and Suppressor Hunter™?


A: The 8" Elite has an overall weight of 7.5 oz with a threaded 1 oz cap/weight. The end threading permits the shooter to customize the weight and balance of their bow. The 8" Hunter has an overall weight of 6.5 oz and features a molded resin end cap that is not removable. Additionally, even without the 1 oz cap in place the Elite features a slightly higher overall percentage of weight focused at the end of the stabilizer.


The Elite models are built with TAP's™ two layer Fusion Powder Coat which provides an ultra flat finish and greater resistance to damage. The Hunter models are built with a single layer of Super Durable Matte black powder coat.

Q: Which TAP™ stabilizer is best for the archer that is strictly in to bowhunting only and not 3D or competition?


A: The answer to question is that there isn't one choice that is clearly the best for every shooter! The decision boils down to several factors such as: How performance and tuning focused the shooter is, the average and maximum distance of the shooter's in-the-field shots, how aggressive their bow's cam system is, the brace height of their bow ...and that's just a few of the considerations.


Generally speaking though most of our bowhunting customers find that a 6" Hunter, 8" Hunter or 8" Elite will suit their needs quite well. For recommendations specific to YOUR bow's set up contact us for more information.

Q: Which TAP stabilizer is best for the archer that is strictly in to 3D or competition archery?


A: This one is easy to answer! -- ELEMENT X™ is without a doubt the superior choice for the target/competition focused archer. We've designed all aspects of Element X™ to maximize the archer's potential to land more of their arrows in the X ring. Time and time again competitive archers are finding that Element X™ stabilizers provide their bows exceptional bow control and IMPROVED scores ... and in the end, isn't that what it's all about?!

Q: Which TAP™ stabilizer is best for the archer that is both a serious bowhunter AND competitive in 3D archery?


A: Suppressor Elite™ is hands down your best option here. Fully customizable on weighting and balance the Elite gives you the flexibility you'll need to adjust your set up to suit the specific challenges of BOTH serious bowhunting and 3D archery.

Q: Does TAP™ make their own line of add-on weights or rear stabilizer mounts?


A: Not yet, but we're in the process of developing our own unique designs for both of those items.


Q: What type of add-on weights do you recommend?


A: Any 5/16-24 threaded weight system will fit on the Suppressor Elite™ or Element X™ stabilizers.

Q: What is Vortex™?


A: That's the proprietary name for the vibration KILLING material we produce for use in our hunting stabilizers. We don't disclose the ingredients but it's suffice to say that NO OTHER COMPANY in the archery industry uses this formula and it is superb working in unison with the titanium alloy to provide your bow a smooth, deadened and vibration free shot!

Q: After I shoot my TAP™ stabilizer I feel slight residual vibration in the grip area of my bow, why is that?


A: What you're experiencing is the stabilizer doing its JOB! Our stabilizers perform so well in part because of their unique ability to SOAK UP and DISSIPATE excess energy from your bow. The slight residual vibration you may feel is what's left over from the rapid process that occurs during the shot cycle. The stabilizer accepts the excess bow energy and mitigates it by matching the bow's own natural resonance. If our stabilizers didn't act as a vacuum for resonance that excess energy would be emitted from your bow in the form of NOISE -- GAME SCARING NOISE!

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