"I have struggled with target panic in the past so holding the pin where it needs to be, keeping it steady & finishing the shot was an issue. The T.A.P. stabilizer has been a major factor in conquering that challenge & not only am I shooting better groups now, but I'm confident in making the shot count when it matters most in the field!"


 -Matt Duff, Major League Bowhunter

“When your equipment means everything to your success in the woods, don't leave anything to second chance! The New Titanium Archery Products, LLC stabilizers have made my groups tighter, balanced my bow like never before, settles my pins quicker and gets me on target faster! I was blown away at what a huge difference it made. All of us at Addicted To The Season have made the switch!”


-Cliff Canter, Addicted to the Season

“One of the great companies we utilize here at The Valley is Titanium Archery Products, LLC . I personally use their stabilizer, the Suppressor Elite for both hunting and shooting. Superior vibration and sound dampening abilities that are second to none. Check TAP out and give them a like! Better yet, head on over to www.titaniumarcheryproducts.com and take your archery game to the next level by ordering your Suppressor Elite or Hunter stabilizer in your choice of one of the many color options TAP has available.”


-The Valley

“When your ready for the most advanced dampening technology mixed with superior performance!! You simply just have to shoot it for yourself to experience the difference!”


-TJ Thomas, Quint T Outdoors

“Man I am really happy with my brand new Titanium Archery Products, LLC Suppressor Elite Stabilizer! I can not say enough about this stabilizer it is a game changer!! Make sure you check out both of these great company's when you decide to deck out your new bow!!!”


-Chad “Sasquatch” Bales

“These things are freakin’ awesome, man.”


-Jared Arnold, Table Mountain Designs

“If you haven’t heard ‘bout them or ain’t put one on your bow you’re cheating yourself... Much more than just a stabilizer.”


-Josh Pennington

“I've been shooting archery for a while now and have tried so many different stabilizers that I feel I can truly say that Titanium Archery Products makes the best stabilizer I've ever used. My groups tightened up and at 80 yards I had 3 arrows within a 2.5" diameter. I had no felt vibrations left in the bow and my bow is super quiet. The stabilizer feels weighted perfectly for me and isn't too heavy that I'm compressing my front shoulder or too light that I'm fighting to stay on target.”


-Marcello Bondi

“I was totally blown away today shooting with the TAP target stabilizer! Just pulling the string back, the bow settled down immediately on the target X and stayed there. I have never experienced this with any other stabilizers and I have several top name brand stabs. I love the smaller dimension of the target stab. Even after the shot, it felt better than any of the other stabs I have shot. I don't know how they do it but it steadies throughout the complete shot process! Best on the market! Get one and see for yourself!”


-Guy Woodward

“Hands down best stabilizer I've ever shot! Awesome product and performance!”


-Phil Stern

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